About Us

On many summer evenings the Amphitheater at Hard Bargain Farm shoots light beyond branch and leaf. Under this canopy of towering trees, local music and theater come alive, and after a brief stroll down a lit path, the best-kept secret in central Maryland reveals itself.

LogoBuilt in the early 1930s by Alice and Henry Ferguson, the original stage was merely a half-circle of concrete set in a natural amphitheater in the woods of their Hard Bargain Farm. For many years the Fergusons used the amphitheater as a place to gather with their friends and neighbors on summer evenings. They would entertain themselves by dressing up in elaborate costumes and putting on amateur plays.

It became a Hard Bargain tradition.


David Thomas, Managing Director
Mike Margelos, Artistic Director
Suzanne Donohue
April Weimer
Deanna Lutz
Kathy Mead
Randy Sena
Trey Thomas

Alice Ferguson Foundation

Lori Arguelles, Executive Director
Doris Sharp, Arts Coordinator